Neil deGrasse Tyson Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Posted by - December 1, 2018

Neil deGrasse Tyson Admits Parts of Sex Misconduct Claims 12/1/2018 3:00 PM PST Breaking News 3:00 PM PT — Tyson’s responded to the multiple allegations — with his personal account of each one — in a long online post titled “On Being Accused.” He says he welcomes and will fully cooperate with an impartial, independent

Chris Hardwick Removed from Nerdist Site After Sexual Abuse Allegations Surface

Posted by - June 16, 2018

Chris Hardwick Nerdist Site Cuts All Ties Following Sexual Abuse Allegations by Ex-GF 6/15/2018 11:51 AM PDT Chris Hardwick‘s been scrubbed from the Nerdist website he founded after accusations of emotional and sexual abuse by his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Dykstra, seem to clearly implicate him. Legendary Entertainment removed all references to Hardwick on the site Friday

Harvey Weinstein Denies Sex Trafficking Allegations

Posted by - January 31, 2018

Harvey Weinstein I’m a Lot of Things But Sex Trafficker Ain’t One of ’em! 1/30/2018 3:45 PM PST EXCLUSIVE Harvey Weinstein says actress Kadian Noble is way off base with her allegation he engaged in sex trafficking when she met him in his Cannes hotel room. Weinstein is responding to Noble’s lawsuit, and insists there

Enzo Amore Denies Rape Allegations, ‘Cooperating with Authorities’

Posted by - January 24, 2018

Enzo Amore Denies Rape Allegations ‘Cooperating with Authorities’ 1/23/2018 4:14 PM PST Breaking News Ex-WWE superstar Enzo Amore has broken his silence about allegations he raped a woman back in October — claiming his accuser is lying and he’s working with cops in an effort to clear his name.  Amore has lawyered up and his

Russell Simmons Being Investigated by NYPD Over Rape Allegations (UPDATE)

Posted by - December 15, 2017

Russell Simmons NYPD SVU Opens Investigation Into Rape Allegations 12/14/2017 2:58 PM PST Breaking News 5:00 PM PT — “America’s Next Top Model” judge Kelly Cutrone is also accusing Simmons of sexual misconduct, telling the New York Post he tried to rape her after they left a party together in 1991 … but she was

Russell Simmons Takes Polygraph After Assault Allegations

Posted by - December 15, 2017

Russell Simmons Polygraph Proves I’m Innocent In Alleged Sexual Assault 12/14/2017 2:29 PM PST EXCLUSIVE Russell Simmons hooked himself up to a lie detector, and says the results prove he did NOT sexually assault model Keri Claussen Khalighi. TMZ obtained this image of Simmons taking the polygraph Wednesday in the L.A. area. Russell’s camp says it was

Bryan Singer Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting 17-Year-Old Boy, Singer Denies Allegations

Posted by - December 8, 2017

Bryan Singer Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting 17-Year-Old Boy Singer Denies Allegations EXCLUSIVE UPDATE:  Singer’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, had some additional comments for TMZ … “Bryan categorically denies these allegations and will vehemently defend this lawsuit to the very end … When Sanchez-Guzman filed for bankruptcy only a few years ago, he failed to disclose

Jennifer Hudson Confronted by David Otunga Over Cheating Allegations with Mali Music

Posted by - November 18, 2017

Jennifer Hudson Confronted by David Otunga … Over Cheating Allegations 11/17/2017 10:24 AM PST EXCLUSIVE Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga broke up after he confronted her, claiming she was secretly dating music producer Mali Music … TMZ has learned. Hudson denies having any relationship with the producer, but Otunga believes Hudson and Mali Music were having

Brett Ratner Fights Back, Sues Woman for Defamation Over Rape Allegations

Posted by - November 2, 2017

Brett Ratner Fights Back Sues Woman for Defamation Over Rape Allegations 11/1/2017 5:18 PM PDT EXCLUSIVE Brett Ratner is suing a woman who claims the director raped her in L.A. over a decade ago … calling the allegations a total lie. According to the suit … Melanie Kohler claimed in an October 20 Facebook post,