‘Scandal’ Star Josh Malina Accused of Waging Tree Warfare with Neighbor

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‘Scandal’ Star

Won’t Leaf Me Alone About His Trees

… Claims Neighbor

9/27/2017 3:33 PM PDT

Josh Malina‘s smack in the middle of a real-life scandal with a neighbor — who says the actor’s accusing him of having a vendetta … against Josh’s landscaping.

Malina, who plays David Rosen on “Scandal,” has allegedly been harassing one of his Malibu neighbors … accusing the guy of poisoning trees on his property. It’s gotten so nasty … the neighbor, Jarod Lam, just filed for a restraining order against Josh.

According to the docs, Malina once came to Lam’s door and cussed at Lam’s wife, saying … “You better not f**king cut my tree!” Lam claims the actor got in his wife’s face and started to come into their home. 

On another occasion, Lam says most recently, Malina called from a private number, again claiming Lam had poisoned his trees. In the docs, he says Malina’s even taken the grudge match digital — stalking Lam on the Nextdoor app. 

Lam denies laying a finger on Malina’s horticulture. The judge granted a no-contact order, forcing Malina to cut off all communication with his neighbor.

Get Olivia on the horn … this one is NOT handled.

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