Lil Pump Drops $250,000 on Custom Diamond Grillz, Just Like Quavo

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Lil Pump

I’m Just like Quavo …

Matching $250K Grillz!!!

3/29/2019 12:20 AM PDT


Lil Pump is joining his buddy Quavo in the grillz department … because he just threw down a truckload of cash on some matching chompers. 

We’re told Lil Pump plunked down 6 figures on a new set of custom grillz … spending a whopping $250,000 to fill his mouth up with ice!!!

The “Gucci Gang” rapper hit up celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang for the chilly new look, and Johnny tells us it’s the first 18-carat, rose gold, baguette grill he’s ever made.

Here’s what ya get for a quarter million dollars … a flawless baguette made of 165 hand-picked diamonds — each 16-carats and cut to fit a specific tooth — set in a rose gold, baguette grill. 

If Lil Pump’s frozen smile seems familiar … it’s because Johnny also designed a similar look for Quavo with the same price tag.

Johnny’s getting super efficient … it took him 6 months to finish Quavo’s grill, but he tells us he only needed 1 month to hook up Pump.


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