Fetty Wap Performs for a B’Nai Mitzvah, Keeps It PG-13

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Fetty Wap

Does it ‘My Way’ at a B’Nai Mitzvah …

Wisely Keeps It PG-13

12/10/2017 11:18 AM PST


Fetty Wap hit the stage this weekend for a Jewish boy and girl’s coming-of-age party — which he definitely kept in mind while rapping his explicit songs. 

Fetty was hired by MSC Industrial Supply CEO Erik Gershwind and his wife, Jackie, to perform Saturday in NYC for their kids’ B’nai Mitzvah — a dual Bar and Bot Mitzvah for a brother and sister.

The Gershwinds didn’t spare any expense on the shindig either. We’re told they spent $150k for FW to do 4 songs, and they had a ton of good grub going around … including a sushi bar, sirloin steak with bordelaise sauce, salmon on toast and even a pretzel machine. 

As for the mini concert itself … Fetty made sure to keep it PG-13 for the kids. We’re sure the parents were happy about that … Mazel Tov!

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