‘Double Dare’ Host Marc Summers Evacuates Home Due to CA Wildfires, Saves His Tapes

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‘Double Dare’ Host Marc Summers

Evacuates Home Amid Wildfires

… Saves His Tapes!

12/17/2017 11:04 AM PST

Marc Summers — the host of the ’90s hit kids’ show “Double Dare” — just evacuated his home amid a growing inferno in Santa Barbara, and took what mattered … his TV clips.

Marc posted a video Saturday showing blazes from the Thomas fire at what might as well be a stone’s throw away in the Santa Barbara mountains near his property.  

TMZ spoke to Marc, who tells us … he and his fam just left this weekend, but packed up a lot of their valuables about a week ago, including jewelry, family photo albums, marriage and birth certificates, passports … and over 1,000 tapes of Marc’s TV gigs. 

We’re told he was able to convert those tapes to DVDs a while ago, and saved a good chunk — which, of course, contain episodes from “Double Dare” and other TV appearances.

Marc says he and his family might return Wednesday … if Mother Nature lets ’em.

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